Our next event:

Aug 3, 2024: Boeing Family Day, Seal Beach

Who we are

JetStream 2710 is a community FRC team that welcomes members from all over Southern California's Southbay communities. We are a small but fierce and dedicated group of students who root for each other as much as we root for the success of the team. And where each member directly contributes to that success while having fun. JetStream 2710 participates in at least 2 off-season and 2 regular session events and community projects every year.

In addition to FRC, our team supports the mission of the Save the Vaquita movement. We try to spread the word about the critically endangered vaquitas, the worlds smallest marine mammal, and the importance of protecting marine mammals overall. According to the most recent population numbers, there are only 10 vaquita left in the wild.

Our Sponsors

As an independent community team, Jetstream 2710 relies entirely on sponsorships to pay for our costs including registration fees and community outreach programs. We greatly appreciate the help and support from our current sponsor to help us reach our goals.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please reach out to us here.

Or donate directly to us here


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