Save the Vaquita

        The Worlds tiniest marine mammal is on the edge of being extinct. With less than 10 Vaquitas living in the world, protection standards and awareness have taken a plunge (The Guardian, 2022). As a team we, JetStream 2710, hope to bring awareness about the vaquitas and inspire others to take action to save the small but beautiful creature.  

       Vaquitas are only found in a 200-mile range from Baja California to Mexico. Weighing on average 95 lbs, the tiny marine mammals are a type of porpoise that have black ringed eyes and a smiley mouth. Due to their size and home, Vaquitas are significantly threatened by the lucrative illegal fishing industry. They are easily caught in illegal nets that are cast by fishermen and suffocate. 

       Vaquitas are becoming extinct due to irresponsibility near their home and poor protection standards. We, JetStream 2710, have been inspired to bring awareness to FRC about these tiny marine mammals in hopes that this united and supportive community can take a step forward to protect these animales. 

Guardian News and Media. (2022, February 12). There are fewer than 10 tiny vaquita porpoises left. can they be saved? The Guardian. 

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