About Us

JetStream 2710 is a community-based FRC team founded in November 2017. Student team members hail from all over the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Our focus is on fostering an open, supportive, and fun environment while creating the best winning robots we can. The team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and derive all funding needed to buy parts, register for events, and perform outreach activities from donations and sponsorships.

In the early years, JetStream 2710 was a division of The Muskwa Club, Inc and received their non-profit status through the club. The Muskwa Club, Inc. promotes awareness of endangered species, particularly the Vaquita. JetStream 2710 assisted in getting the word out about the endangered Vaquitas to STEM/Robotics audiences by various means including naming their competition robots using "Vaquita" in their names and handing out information about Vaquitas at competitions and community events alongside our robot. In 2020, JetStream 2710 separated from The Muskwa Club and became its own independent entity, but it continues to support efforts towards informing the public about the plight of the Vaquitas.

After becoming an independent entity, JetStream 2710 initially worked out of a lead mentor's garage. Fortunately, space was then secured through a rental agreement with Rolling Robots in Palos Verdes to allow JetStream to work out of their facility in the evenings and on weekends. JetStream 2710 has the mission to provide a fun and nurturing environment for aspiring young minds to learn and hone their business and engineering skills and to pass these skills on to the next generation.

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